Darwin Deez, so so much fun

Sometimes there's a musician that seems as if created music specifically for you.  Darwin Deez has entered BWillacker's official  elite collective - alongside fellows like Pedro the Lion, Say Hi to Your Mom, Telefon Tel Aviv,  Radiohead, Breakbot, sebastiAn, classixx, Arcade Fire, Monolith.  There's a chair here for you good sir.  There's a full abandon of self conscious i hear in his music and see in his super-fun videos.  I'm very jealous of this, considering I about as painfully self-aware as it gets.  Like watching a child have the time of his life in a big brown box, I see Darwin goofing around making exquisite music and can't help but want to celebrate him and his personage. Please purchase his album, constellations and be prepared for a tour in November. 

Darwin Deez_Radar Detector

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