Gawker gives new name for Hipster

Gawker has posted a thread too good to pass up and is imperative that i send on to you.  Ever since the word "Hipster" crept onto the scene, quickly ascended the ranks of ubiquity and lost all panache we need a new word.  Much like Hipsterdom itself, it must efficiently change shapes and meaning to resist succumbing to the ever encroaching "Maintream" - the black cloud of mass appeal.  Gawker gave a mandate to patrons: Give us a new name for "Hipster." This stuff is a riot (and also a bit harsh in the language department. Cover your ears, kids. ARTICLE HERE

My faves: fauxbo (fobo) as in faux bohemian, experts, Doucheoisie and Ironoclasts

Join in the fun!!! 

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