The Art of the Title Sequence. A film/designer nerd's dreamsite!

I have moved out, changed my address and have a new permanent residence in Nerdville.  I have been joyously wasting away my life on The Art of the Title Sequence. Self explanatory, this is a site of strictly title sequences from television, film, cartoons etc. Interviews with the creators, designers and directors of this fantastic yet frequently overlooked art form.  I'm easily dazzled by the detail of a film maker who takes painstaking care in artfully communicating the content of the film based on the handful of minutes held within the opening credits.

Faves: I remember the first time I was captivated by the suspense thriller 'SE7EN's title sequence. I thought to myself "if the rest of the movie is as incredible as this is...wow! (or something like that) The stuttered editing, scratches, tight field of focus panning, collages, and a killer Coil remix of NIN's classic 'Closer' accentuate a haunting sequence. You're either creeped out, or inspired to go make art;  Either way its a win/win. 
'Monty Pythons and the Quest for the Holy Grail's sequence is a complete riot if you're willing to read a novel's worth of words, and 'Up In the Air's is an exquisite marriage between breathtaking photography and thought out typefaces and arrangement. 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World' satisfies all nerve endings designated for loud tunes, obnoxious color and an unapologetic abuse of nostalgia.

Browse their extensive library, and notch out a couple of hours for your viewing nerdery.

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