*All this in time to put on your favorite sweety's Valentine's Mix CD!!!
 Breakbot, just signed to the Parisian juggernaut label Ed Banger and consequently will be celebrating Valentine's Day differently this year. Instead of candy and flowers, Vday is the day of the release of his first EP at Ed Banger called Baby I’m Yours. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this EP, considering this guy is one of my most favoritest fella making tunes right now. His sound has sensibilities from a earlier age, when public stresses and teenage angst weren't as prevalent. It's subtleties lean towards the funky and colorful.  It brings smiles, and the basslines cause me to make that "stinky" face (that's when you know its good).  His creativity is as relentless and innovative as his talent and i can't get enough!!!

For your current festive needs, here is a Valentine's Mix, Breakbot released in celebration of his first officially labeled EP release (technically, he produced it for Dazed Digital) Please download this and enjoy!!! For many of you, this will be a new sound, and God only knows you hipsters could use a little diversity.


Here are two tracks from his upcoming EP, given with love from the man himself.
Baby I'm Yours is about as good of a time as you can have legally.  Turn this up and smile!!!

Baby I'm Yours_Breakbot

This remix is a low res version, to tempt you just enough to go out and support Breakbot and all of these exquisite remixes!! This one is from Siriusmo and the horns in this remix will kill you. OH THE HORNS!!!!!

Baby I'm Yours_Breakbot (Siriusmo Remix)(Preview)

And because I love you....here is Breakbot's remix of Air's So Light is Her Football

Air_So Light is her Football (Breakbot Remix)

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