DANGER! the new one is OUT!!!

Oh Danger's new album is OUT!!!  Vinyl was released on January 25th and Monday, Feb 1st the digital release has sprung from its trap. The concept of Danger's EP's are inspired from old video games (aren't we all). Each release places you in a different "setting."  "09/16 2007" his previous EP, was set in the jungle. In true video game style; when you level up, the settings changes. For "level 2 (ie his latest effort 09/17 2007)" we're dropped down into urban surroundings for more of a concrete, steel and brawn kind of a feel. Takes me back to Double Dragon Level One!!

Tobbe of Dödselectro made this unofficial video last week. Nothing says loving like a chromed out robo mr. universe.

This track deserves nothing less than a hefty cranking on the ole volume knobbies.


Here, he's remixed a Symbol One's modern electro classic "Love Juice." Party rawker fo sho!

Symbol One_Love Juice (Danger TV Rmx)

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