To keep the ball rolling steady and straight in the "sound for the summer" category I'm pleased to direct your attention to two amazing mixes that are sure to bring a well needed waft of soothing coolness to your "bad air quality" summer days.
The first one comes to us by a Londoner, Duff Disco. This guy exudes the smooth pocket grooves that don't seem to get old even after tracks are creeping up on 6 to 7 minutes. With a distinct passion for the original days of disco, but with bass, a greater compression value and excellent key work i could listen to DD all day. Unfortunately, he's taking the "ol' skool" to a whole new level. His tracks are only available on vinyl. ugh. At least you can download their sweet mix:

DUFF DISCO_Duff Disco Mix 001
Duff Disco Mix 001 by duffdisco

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