Site Saturday: Dad's are the Original Hipsters

Full of insight and hilarity. Behold:

Your dad played video games before you did and he has the high scores to prove it. Back then, the arcade was where boys were chiseled into legends of men . Your dad went there to show off his stick tricks and button slamming skills while playing for three letter trophies. Your mom was there too, along with the rest of the local talent pool, and they would peer over his shoulder and swoon in awe at the surgical precision he commanded each game with.
So hipsters, next time you’re sitting in the back of a dive bar dispensing your laundry fund into a game with dreams of being the next King of Kong, remember this…
That’s your dad’s high score on every arcade game you’ve ever played and no one has been able to dethrone him in over 20 years.

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  1. so true...arcades were crazy cool. dark and shadowy. smelling kinda like a locker room. and then there was Centipede at godfathers. i loved some centipede.