Its about time this track was covered!!!!

Florence and the Machine, a South London, songstress gives Robert Palmer's song real texture. Stripping away the overtly chauvenist video and the synth-rock epic quality of 80's pop, Florence delivers grit while reamining faithful to all the sultry sensibilities her voice can afford. 

Robert Palmer_Addicted to Love (Florence and the Machine Cover)

Also for you guys, The Morning Benders covers Fleetwood Mac's classic "Dreams," making it now bearable. Sorry to say but for me, Fleetwood Mac's music is best played on mute. Dreams is such a well crafted song, but adorned with the worst cornucopia of miserable vocalists you could drag out of a pub at 2am. Just off of a Fall tour with Grizzly Bear, these guys have a sound reminiscent to a more colorful time in British Rock (is it bad to say they remind me of the Monkees??). Thank you MB for allowing me the opportunity to listen to FMac, because it seems i can only do so if they're being covered (minus the self-martyered Dixie Chicks).

Fleetwood Mac_Dreams (the Morning Benders Cover)

If you still haven't listened to the Van She, where the **** have you been (definitely some of my favorite Aussie's plus empire of the sun, plus the presets). Here, they cover in exquisite fashion, Blue Oyster Cult's classic "Fear the Reaper." Van She's version, honors BOC's with extreme reverence, but not withholding the soaring keys and spot on harmonies that make Van She so signature. I flipping love this one!!!!

Blue Oyster Cult_Fear the Reaper (Van She Cover)

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