would totally live here

63.02º, designed by Jo Nakamara and Schemata Architecture Office, is named for the angle of the front of the house which is positioned so the resident can take in the sight of the city (as well as the next door neighbors cherry tree). The house/apartment, in Tokyo, is ultra minimal and designed to use only the space for necessary living.  I actually really like it, even though I'm not much a "green living" guy.  I personally feel there's much greater need, environmentally speaking, in other aspects of the earth than investing all of our energy (no pun intended) in a climate situation that scientists can't even agree on. However, if "green" means I can save a few bucks to conserve energy then sign me up! The aprtment needs a few startegically placed paintings/tapestries/wall art on it's gray concretet, but other than that I'm signing the lease right now.


  1. neat concept. i would totally not want to live there. maybe if i was single. but only maybe.

  2. If you like this you need to check out Tadao Ando and his inspiration Louis Kahn...