Four Tet's new album and his free mix

Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden)’s new album is due January 26th. I've loved Four Tet for years and am patiently and eagerly awaiting this new drop (his latest in 5 years). He's creating as much hoopla as he can. He's let fellow Londonite Joy Orbison remix his first single off the new drop, Love Cry (as heard above).  And Now, Four Tet is giving away this incredible DJ mix. This mix, “Much Love to he Plastic People” was passed out exclusively to the folks at the Plastic People, a club he’s held residency at in London. And nnow, you can find it on the net. Probably will be one of my fave mixes of the year. (mediafire link after the jump)



  1. great tune. thanks for the post. equally anticipating the next release from this guy...

  2. I discovered Four Tet by finding the theme for OnPoint Radio ( http://OnPointRadio.org ). Good stuff.