the XX

Synth based (haven't heard that description before, huh?) pop music from South London.  Unlike the others in this ever growing group of amorphic genre bending synth-mongers, these guys have deep influences in modern R&B. You'll definitely hear the tinges of radio ready hip-hop tracks, the Neptunes, Babyface and Timbaland (everyone's favorite plagiarist).  These two smoky remixes coincide perfectly for these new cold nights.
First ones coming from a producer from Phoenix, Arizona's Death to the Throne, whom I originally heard blow Lykke Li's "little bit" out of the water. The next one is from UK brother Pariah, off of the R&S label.  This one's sultry. So shut off the light and turn up your headphones...

the XX_shelter (death to the throne remix) 

the XX_basic space (pariah remix)

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