My dern Phoenix remix album, suckas!!!

If you want to find a classic text book version of bad remixing, then head over to iTUNES and grab yourself a digital copy of Phoenix's new remix album.  This bad boy is chocked full of four-on-the-floor beats slathered over the occasional chopped-up vocal, awkward synth lines, and a bevy of glitchy stabs.  If you have a palette for mediocrity like aged Gouda, then get on it. However, if i were to compile a remix album for these explosive French rockers, I'd start with these two tracks.  First up from the French duo "Walter Sobcek" who just finished up their first LP in the land of L.A.  I can't tell you how many different remixes i've heard of the now exhausted track "1901," but this one breathes new life.  It takes a complete 180 and approaches this joyful dance hall filler into a deep, lush melancholy gem.  Love it!!!!  Next is Def Starr's take of Fences.  Gorgeous, simple, straight forward, without pretention.  Both a softer take to the pseuo-bangers we've heard in the past. 

1901 (walter sobcek remix)

Fences (Def Starr remix)

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