Monsieur Adi

Monsieur Adi, from Italy (i know, the "monsieur" threw you off), is slowly stepping into the electro scene with a gorgeous sound, otherworldly vocal robotics and haunting remixes. These guys are some to keep an eye on this next year, because you will definitely be hearing more from them. 

This track is reminiscent of Justice's Planishpere and the obvious Daft Punk glory, but without the monotony and over abundant sampling. A beautiful track. Be on the look out for this EP and grab it. If "We Are The Romans" is anything like the rest of it, this EP will be well worth it.

Here, they are adding lush lines to an already thickly sweet track from an already remixed-out remixing
Reni Lane. beautiful.

Here, the gigantic and sweeping sound of Freak You remixes our favorite Monsieur.

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