Brett Novak films Kilian Novak. Skateboarding made an artform.

“A Skate Regeneration” by Brett Novak, is a jaw-dropping film featuring skateboarder Kilian Martin. I've definitely invested numerous years into skateboarding in my younger days and still follow it today. Despite the best efforts of the X-Games and other assorted televised events, forcing skateboarding onto a more viable mainstream platform, the average American remains aloof about the sport. Its still a bunch of punk kids thrashing up their city's sweetly polished stair rails to them. I can neither confirm or deny that assumption, Brett and Kilian present interwebers and You Tubers with a different perspective. From Brett's incredibly innovative and at times breathtaking cinematography, Patrick Watson's soundtrack to Kilian's skateboarding which can only be described as "poetry" we come to a new view: these videos escalates skateboarding from a mere sport to a true artistic expression.


  1. Kilian is phenomenal. Even so, I would posit that Rodney Mullen elevated the sport to artistic expression years ago. Still unparalleled. Would that he had the cinematographic team that worked on these pieces.

  2. agreed. i thought of Mullen when I saw these. Nonetheless, the vids are quality!