Mightymouse's new mousecast!!!!

“Mousecast” is the first of a new series of podcasts/mixtapes that Mighty Mouse will be doing throughout the year. This amazing mix is to promote their appearance at the “Future Music Festival” in Australia.

MOUSECAST 01 - Future Music Festival by MIGHTY MOUSE by Mighty Mouse

1. Leftfield ‘Melt’
2. Beth Ditto ‘Do You Need Someone’ (Original Mix)
3. Indaminigi – ‘Zimba’
4. Ratatat – ‘Neckbrace’
5. Don Armando – ‘I’m An Indian, Too’
6. Phunktastike – ‘Back To Love’ (Original Mix)
7. Deadstock 33’s – ‘Cavalry Club’ (Mighty Mouse Vocal Remix)
8. Herclues & Love Affair – ‘My House (Stopmakingme Remix)’
9. Quando Quango – ‘Love Tempo’ (Remix)
Northend – ‘Happy Days’ (Mighty Mouse DC Edit)
11. Lifelike -  ‘Heatwave’ (Original)
12. Torpedo Boys – ‘Welcome To The Sugar Show’ (Lack Of Afro Remix)
13. Daft Punk – ‘Phoenix’
14. P’Zazz – ‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’
15. Severed Heads -  ‘Dead Eyes Re-Opened’

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