Double G Studio makes Robot Magic!!!!!

T4 idents from double g studios on Vimeo

UK's , Channel 4′s T4 (viweing audeince ages 16-34) has officially unveiled the new 2011 look. The new on-air refresh comprises near 20 new robot-inspired idents by Double G Studios, incredible London based motion graphics house. My kids love the spots, insist on watching them continuously and they all have their favorite robot already.  I seem to have the inclination to enjoy work that dazzles children for some reason, be it in art, motion graphics, music etc. Evenso, maybe my kids are just sticklers for robots (needless to say they are all die-hard Daft Punk fans).

Check out the rest of Double G Studio's work on their Vimeo page. 
Everything is incredible.

2011 Reel from double g studios on Vimeo.

The track is by Late of the Pier (Cenzo Townzend Remix)
Space and the Woods (Cenzo Townshend Mix) by Late Of The Pier

More Late Of The Pier music on iLike

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