Mixes of 2010 (in no particular order)

Wowee Zowee, 2010 was a tailspin of musical euphoria if i must say so. An overabundance of memorable originals, game changing remixes and a bevy of completely addictive mixes were released this past year. I had to purchase an external hard drive specifically for this dilemma (for realsies).  This post is dedicated to all of the head-bobbing, fist pumping, air Djing (quite similar to its cousin the "air guitar"), bouncing and uber cheese grinning that I have been engaging in whilst enjoying these assorted mixes; much to the bewilderment of my coworkers and assorted motorists.  Download all of these NOW!!!

After hearing Lorenz Rhodes' remix of Strip Steve's Breakin' I have been an avid consumer of his throw back synth sound. I've virtually memorized this mix.
Lorenz Rhode - Data Transmission Podcast 098 by Lorenz Rhode

Moullinex proves he's as good of a Dj as he is a producer. Frequently a Dj will take the opportunity of a featured mix, to gratuitously drop all of the most recent bangers, ensuring high hits in search engine results and the tweener downloads.  Brushing aside the cowardice of a mediocre set, Moullinex digs out a few classics and a hand full of unreleased tracks to ensure a gem of a mix.
'Villains Have Feelings Too' Mixtape by Moullinex

Broke One is the producer to follow this year.  completely addictive! Great blog too!
Broke One Mix X Too Many Sebastians by Broke One

Breakbot's fearless excursions into the deep and ancient back-logs of obscure disco and long forgotten grooves, yields this Frenchman some of the most original sets I've heard. Fusing the old with the new, Breakbot concocts mixes the hipster, pseudo-electro dudes and frat boys alike may have a daunting time digesting. Mixes like this take you on extended searches for these disco nuggets!

Granted, Aeroplane's October Mix, has a slower pace comparatively to most ADD Dj's "cram-twentyfive-tracks into 45 minutes" sets, its a rather refreshing change of pace. This, coupled to the fact the versatility of this set is otherworldly (yes that IS an unremixed Grateful Dead track starting it off).  I could burn trenches into my burnt copy (i dont have snazzy iPOD connections in my auto) of this Aeroplane glory!! These guys release a mix monthly, so there's always freshness in the Aeroplane kitchen!
Aeroplane October 2010 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)

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