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I have a bevy of mixed emotions about Far East Movement. Granted the lyrics by supposed "indie" rapper Catarac are laughable and the chic vocals are a complete Uffie knock off:  lazy white girl poetry, uber-filtered and dripping with auto-tune.  I'm also fully aware, G6 is on every Sorority Sister's iPOD snuggled in between some track from Kenny Chesney and 2-Pac's "California Love" in a playlist  labeled "Party Starter." 
I was also curious why they were so stoked about the Pontiac G6, until I realized its a type of private jet for the opulent.  With all these dilemmas, that freakin' bass line lulls me in every time. 

It is always encouraging to see electro and house creep in onto the main-stage of  pop culture. (Unfortunately by then, mainstream chews it up and the indie hipsters run to the next haven of universal individuality).  House is the new hip-hop, after all.  So I celebrate F.E.M.'s success while simultaneously cringing when the Beiber fan exclaims "G6 is my jam!!!!!"  So welcome to my dilemma.

One great remix (dubstep style fools!!!!!) and one fun mashup. Enjoy!!!
Far East Movement_Like a G6 (Voltare Remix)
Illamerica is like a G6 ( Far East Movement vs. Wolfgang Gartner)

like a G6?!? Wha???

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