Daft Punk goes to the gamers!! Big Downloads Here!!

So as a Dj, I guess I should be upset that the new DJ HERO is dropping in stores soon; that this "mockery" of the profession will cheapen the art and craft that we've labored over for years. I'd be lying at least about the last few things.  This little gizmo is legit, and as a Dj, I had no edge.  It's not easy.  I was at Toys 'R Us with my kids and was lured in by the Demo.  I found myself mixing Robot Rock with Queen (as the trailer displays) - outta site (and not doing too hot either)!!  I perused the playlists and I can safely assume there were some mad-crazy mashup and remix artists hard at work constructing a massive and innovative song list for the HERO (such as Dj Yoda, Daft Punk, Grand Master Flash, Cut Chemist, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Dj Shadow).

The greatest difference between Dj HERO and Guitar HERO will ultimately be the attitude of those that actually do daily/professionally what those little light-up buttons are telling the fans to play on their pseudo-instruments. As far as I can tell, there's overall excitement in the electronic/Dj/Turntablism communities.  I obviously can't answer for everyone, but the electronic music community is one of millions strong whom all came out of other musical genres and instrumentation. There is an understood sense of eclecticism and innovation which is the bedrock of why these electro-heads and Dj's do what they do. Electronic music wouldn't have lasted long if there was a sense of "holy ground" anywhere in the spectrum as a whole (considering it is specifically this idea of trampling on the "holy grounds" of music, that created the Electronic Genre to begin with).
Philosophical rants aside, this game is challenging, memorable and most importantly super-fun! There will definitely be a greater exposure to a more spanning musical palette. Americans will receive from this gaming experience. The young ones will finally hear the likes of the Cars, Young MC, Run DMC, Herbie Hancock, Queen, Gary Numan, Bel Biv Devoe, Rakim, Benni Benassi, Gang Starr, Rick James, Tears for Fears, Public Enemy....ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?
I got the hook up on the mashups from the game itself, yes I am a nerd
(and if you're downloading it, so are you).

Robot Rock vs. We Will Rock You (Dj Hero)

Super legit remix/mashup of Young MC and the robo boys as well.
 Around the World Vs. Bust a Move (Dj Hero)

For extra measure phenomenal mashups!!!!
Dj Medhi and Daft. If you're a fan of Signatune (and who isn't) this one bangs
Around the World Signatune (NiteShade extended mix)

 Fresh Prince vs. Daft Punk. I am fully aware summertime is long gone, but the sweetness on this track still lingers! From the good folks at The HoodInternet
Summer Circuit (Fresh Prince vs. Daft Punk)

One of my favorite guys sebastiAn with a dirty rawker, remixing Humans After All
Human After All (sebastiAn remix)

as an extra bonus (this'n is nice):
Face to Face (Night Drugs rework)

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  1. hahaha when i saw this come out i thought of you and those words even came out.

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