Rusko BBC1 Minimix

Rusko has spent the past ten years creating progressive Dubstep alongside many artists, beginning with Iration Steppas.
Dirty beats are what gets me going, but when I first heard Rusko many things changed regarding how I vibe to music. Rusko takes a more exclusive approach to Dubstep mixing, matching sound clips from movies and adding his own style which can be described simply as fun and high energy. And trust me when I say that his live sets have just as much energy as his production style. With his unique style and approach to the music, he has stood out as a heavy hitter in the Dubstep community.

For those outside of the loop and you don't know what dubstep is, it's a lit bomb of deep grinding basslines, mid-tempos that explode into a full on frenzy of breaks and four-to-the-floor madness.  If that description doesn't help you one iota, just download the thing, fool!!! It's like six or seven megabytes, I think your ten billion gigabyte hard drive can handle it!! Try it on for size, turn it up, and then go buy all of his stuff!!


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