Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland 'n Pro Nails Director)

I knew I liked this guy.  First off he's directed videos for such musicians as the Dismemberment Plan, M.I.A., the Stands and our fave new femme Kid Sister for her first single "Pro Nails." And now he has shot out of the blocks with his premier full-length freature presentation: ZOMBIELAND. If you're a fan of Kid Sister or Zombies (or maybe you're me and you love them both) - over at Fool's Gold they sat down with the now legendary Ruben Fleischer and picked his brain (no pun intended) about everything from music video's to directing zombie's.  Also here is an NPR interview with both Flieshcer and George Romero, the original Zombie flimaker.  The debate gets heated when discussing the paleo vs. neozombies. Which one is creepier: fast zombies or slow zombies?

Also, I had to drop this.  One of my faves in the business Rusko recently remixed Kid Sister's "Pro Nails."  Herrr it is, son!
Kid Sister_Pro Nails (RUSKO RMX)

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  1. I dont like horror movies, but this seems pretty great, a comedyy? and I also heard it doesn't have any shabby seens in it either.. :)