Passion Pit's Sleepyhead-Covers

If you love Passion Pit, like I know you do, then you'll love these two nuggets i've come across in recent days.  Both bands taking a swing at "Sleepyhead."  This track was initially heard on Passion Pit's initial major label release, the EP "Chunk of Change," then re released onto their LP Manners. The first band is Manchester's Run Toto Run, providing us with an absolutely gorgeous rendition of the Passion Pit track, remaining faithful to the tracks sleepy title - melodic, enchanting, an angelic lullaby.  Speaking of angelic, is the next track by Ellie Goulding. Label-buddies with Passion Pit on Neon Gold, "best newcomer of 2009' crown - not too sugary sweet or too trendy or too 80's, just right! (discodust)"  Look her up and purchase everything she's done. 
These two gorgeous Passion Pit covers are both perfect soundtracks for the falling leaves.

sleepyhead_passion pit (run toto run)
sleepyhead_passion pit (ellie goulding)

an added bonus is Ellie's track Black&Gold produced by Frankmuzic's own Starsmith. exquisite!! 
ellie goulding_black and gold

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