FLORAFAUNA is Minneapolis based design/screen printing studio who make some of the best concert posters I’ve seen in a while. Dig through their immense archive and patron their store. All of their posters are extremely well done as you can see above, and as far as I saw they were all priced around $20 – $30.Your hipster friends will love these for the holidays. Designers-be inspired.  Cool kids-this will keep you in the pack


  1. The books poster in the post along with 2 others by this artist have been identified as blatant theft form other practicing artists. FloraFauna has even admitted to his wrong doing.


    Please do not support plagiarist hack design.

  2. here's the artist he stole the handsome furs text from...Siggi Eggertsson is really brilliant with this. http://www.bigactive.com/illustration/siggi-eggertsson/type-and-logos

    PG of Flora Fauna steals to often to let me appriciate any work. I can't tell if anything is his actual work, or if its basic premise is taken from another designer blatantly. Notice how he didn't even change the colors of Eggertsson's text for his version.