Crystal Fighters single 'At Home' out now!!

Crystal Fighters is most definitely one of my favorite bands in recent days.

Deeply concreted in electronic music, the Fighters manage to maintain a magically organic whimsy woven into a patchwork quilt - off beat, quirky, melodic and occasionally abrasive. Their lyrics derive from the lead's Spaniard Grandfather's poetry-reminiscent of TS Elliot's rhythmical genius, and longs for times before his migration to London. I generally mouse away from investing in full length releases, nevertheless I took the plunge on 'Star of Love.' Maintaining an extremely high caliber on every track, there is no "filler" to advance through, and every one is as much art as it is fantastic music making.

"At Home" is their latest single off of 'Star of Love.' The single includes remixes from Mistabishi, Pony Pony Run Run and Fusty Delights. GO GET IT!!

Crystal Fighters - At Home (Radio Edit) by Crystal Fighters
At Home (Fusty Delights Remix) by Crystal Fighters

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