Radio Rips of the new Thom Yorke, Four Tet, Burial collab!!!

No, I don't have them, cuz someone with some type of official clipboard containing internet copyright rules would yell at me and threaten my young and budding blog. We wouldn't want that would we? Besides, my ego is way too fragile.

The Fader has got the radio rips from Four Tet's own radio show "Rinse FM." These tracks, Mirror and Ego, are the two upcoming releases from the collaboration of the century (at least to UK standards): Thom Yorke, Four Tet and Burial.

For those who might be scratching their heads at these names: Thom Yorke is the lead singer of a small up-and-coming band called Radiohead (notice the sarcasm? Yeah, you do!). Four Tet has created a fist full of my favorite remixes in the past few years and is a smashing producer who incessantly pushes that stubborn-but-weak boundary of genre. Burial is an elusive producer of 2-step/dubstep. His airy and haunting originals and remixes have helped to validate dbstp as an art form and not just mindless 18+ dancefloor bangers (Burial's debut album under the same name, is one of my Top Ten in electronic music's Must Haves). PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A BRIEF SYNOPSIS OF THSES LEGENDARY FELLAS, AND THEIR WORK IS NOT LIMITED TO WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN. SORRY TO THE PURISTS AND STALKERS WHO MAY HAVE BEEN EMOTIONALLY STIRRED BY THE LACK OF ACCOLADES PLACED IN THIS SMALL PARAGRAPH. TAKE A DEEP BREATH, GO OUTSIDE, TAKE A WALK AND RE-ENTER SOCIETY. THANKS.
So with the education out of the way, the release is on Four Tet's own label Text Records. Its only been on vinyl (proper) so far and immediately sold out. Its now on you tube, and I'm sure these links will hit critical mass soon and be unavailable. No word on when they'll be available for those of us enslaved by the digital mainframe (others refer to it as "mp3's").

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