RAC's remix of Pheonix 'Armistice.' True artistry

RAC, The Remix Artist Collective, is about as explanatory as it gets. This collectives is comprised of numerous talented producers and dj's spanning the globe from Portland, Paris and Portugal (other destinations as well, but they don't start with "P").  This group has been at not only the remix game but has been producing original work for such groups as Penguin Prison, Ra Ra Riot and Tegan & Sara. Their remixes span the indie spectrum and have fearlessly groups no necessarily on the cool kid's beaten path.

The Phoenix remix of 'Armistice,' I must say, took me entirely off guard. Soaring and blissful - true artistry. Be sure to check out their incredibly extensive library of remixes off of their recently released RAC VOL.2  and most FO FREE!!! Let the legal downloading commence!!!


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