NEW George Lenton remix!!

George Lenton has been consistently shelling the dancefloor with his explosive DBSTP for some time now. I'm excited to, possibly, deliver you the goods from his overflowing cache of highly combustible tracks-if you haven't been a fan already (and why wouldn't you be????).

He just released a remix of Paper Crows 'Follow the Leader.'  His rework is outstanding, but the track in question from Paper Crows is an unfortunate bitter rant on the topic of faith.  And as much as I enjoy taking notes from the Theologically clueless, its hard to escape the vocalists' shallow middle-schoolesque lyrics (scratched on the backside of their math trapper keeper) and still enjoy Lenton's remixing savvy.

If you want to hear "FTL' head over to George's ever-abounding SOUNDCLOUD page. I, would like to direct you to two tracks that have been on deep circulation on lappy all week now. George's remix of Dizze Rascal's "I Love You" is a tumbly glitch-ridden ride toward what I believe to be the future of dubstep. Well crafted with a greater focus on syncopation and melody, not just an ├╝ber focus on window-cracking basslines.

I luv you (George Lenton remix) by georgelenton

George Lenton vs Al Green Simply beautiful by georgelenton

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