Subdue your inner-hipster w/Katy Perry rmxd by T.E.E.D!

Katy Perry, showin' the cool kids how its done.
There's a little hipster in all of us. Granted, there are definite saturation levels from one victim to the next and some of us are more honest about it than others (understanding, I still have friends donning thick rimmed cosmetic eyewear and/or overwhelmingly fitted pants grooving to M. Ward and Bon Iver insisting on their lack of a hipsteresque lifestyle). Nonetheless, its an infestation that demands greater priority on an international scale.

Until the UN addresses this obvious crisis, I have some recommendations on subduing the internal ├╝ber cool kid.  One simple way that I myself repress breakouts is indulging in pop music as much as possible. This process usually works but be warned: the more obscure the genre or taste also increases your "irony" points, strengthens your inner hipster and therefore could possibly prove counterproductive to your initial goal.

My personal prescription for holding back my elitist break-outs are aforementioned contemporary Pop music, Pixar, the Everly Brothers, John Hughes' movies, Guns n' Roses, trampolines, Hall and Oats, and having small children who make me laugh alot (and play with toys).

Today our beefy grooves are brought to you by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (hence, the T.E.E.D. in the title). This Oxford-born artist who creates 'just dance music,' as he puts it. His sound is completely contagious, well put together and most definitely straddles most genres under the 'Dance music' category. Here's his redo of Katy Perry's self empowering, believe in yourself, don't give up, look-in-the-mirror-and-give-a-hug-to-who-you-see, motivational puddin' track, "Firework." Plus a freebie from T.E.E.D!
Katy Perry - Firework (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix) by T-E-E-D
How Far (The 2 Bears remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by T-E-E-D

Also, as the Bottom Heavy Humpday demands, plus we're on the whole Katy Perry kick, here's Noisa's dubstep throwdown of her new track E.T.
Katy Perry - E.T. (Noisia Remix) by NOISIA

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