SebastiAn's Debut LP + so so good first single 'Embody'

In all honesty, I am extremely giddy about SebastiAn's debut album 'Total.' I have the drop date marked on my calendar (for realsies), and have been stalking SebastiAn's career since his Smoking Kills EP on Ed Banger. He also sealed his place as a top notch remixing Cavalier (official title) with his reworks of Das Pop, the Kills, Uffie, Kavinsky and Rage Against the Machine. 'Embody' is the first single off the new album, and its a pleasant departure from his signature growling clavinets, chopped minor key melodies and fuzzy beats. But if the dirty groove of this chic daytime disco hit is any foreshadowing of whats to come, I'm a happy boy! 
SebastiAn - Embody by edbangerrecords

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